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Creating Christ-Centered Community and Culture

Discipling students to Delight, Discern, and Display
he glory of God in Jesus Christ in every area of our culture

What Makes Veritas Different?

First and foremost, Veritas exists to disciple students in the paideia of the Lord, to train the whole person to love the Lord with all their hearts, minds, and strength. Discipleship takes place as teachers mentor the students in the way they think about every subject and how they live it out, all from the perspective of God’s Word, in a way that reflects the truth, goodness, and beauty of God.

This discipleship is carried out through a “classical” model of education, which emphasizes the cultivation of wisdom and virtue in addition to knowledge and skill, and teaches students to think critically, not just to access information.  By training them in the liberal arts of the trivium and the quadrivium, classical education produces students who are truly wise, virtuous, and free.

A godly community is both the means and the end of a true education. Education of the whole person requires a community of parents, teachers, friends, and pastors who will keep the student accountable. The student is loved, encouraged, and discipled to grow into a vital member of the body of Christ and a valuable citizen of the commonwealth.


Since graduating in 2020, I cherish my education at Veritas and those who played a part in my development as a student and individual. I am now pursuing a degree in Government and Economics at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Here, I’ve interned for Congresswoman Young Kim and the Religious Freedom Institute, studied under wonderful professors, and made lifelong friends.

By His mercy, God has so graciously grown my love for Him and others. He has placed me in a local church and in a Christian ministry on campus – this community of believers has anchored and encouraged me amidst the sea of secularism and professionalism that is the District of Columbia. At Georgetown, Christ has turned the truth I learned at Veritas into the truth I feel and act out. As He has so loved and sustained me, I want to share His good news with as many as I can around me. 

More than ever have I seen the materialistic secularism of the postmodern world manifested in college and politics; people all around me are entrenched in nihilistic, utilitarian, and relativist thinking. They fail to realize that true liberty requires virtue, true virtue requires religion, and true religion – which requires true liberty – is the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and raised for our sins. Christian and classical values are needed now more than ever before, and I thank God that my classical, Christian education at Veritas continues to shape the way I think and act. My education has not ended – far from it. It has only begun. I’ve embarked on a lifelong journey to cultivate prudence and virtue by nourishing my soul on the good, true, and beautiful, seeking to do all things to cultivate my mind, heart, and soul into the image of Christ. Veritas Liberabit Vos!

Timothy Suh

VCA Alumni


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