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Coronavirus, Christ, and Education - May 15th, 2020

Dear Veritas Families,

Greetings in the name of Christ,

I hope you and your family are safe and well.  Looking at the news these days, we hear about how Coronavirus is not going away easily.  To all of us, it is a disheartening news.  We all wonder, why is there no vaccine yet?  What are all the great scientists doing?  But meditating on God’s Word, we begin to realize that this is all good for us, that God has a clear purpose in allowing this situation to be prolonged.  Meditating on Psalm 97, we see that God is the one who shakes the earth: “His lightenings lit up the world; the earth saw and trembled” (Ps 97:14).  God is showing us through COVID-19 that man is powerless, no matter how advanced our technology may be.  Just when mankind is so dependent on the power of the internet, for business, education, entertainment, and for just about everything else, God shows his mercy by showing us that man is powerless.  COVID-19 also reminds us that God is all-powerful. With such a tiny “bug,” how can anything or anyone bring the entire world to its knees, except God? Furthermore, God’s power in Coronavirus should unsettle us. “Let all those be ashamed who serve graven images, who boast themselves of idols.” (Ps 97:7)

As I meditate on the idols of the parents in the task of raising our children, there were many:  

The idol of parents evading the primary responsibility of discipling our children.

The idol of making the educational goals of our children to be those of worldly success

The idol of enjoying various pursuits in our lives more than God, and thus passing those idols down to our children

The idol of exasperating our children with our own temperament, expectations, and threats, and not with love and discipline.  

The idol of not trusting in the many promises of God in the Scripture for our families, and not obeying how we ought to live as families (e.g., Dt 6, Eph 6, Ps 127, Ps 128)  

But the good news is that through COVID-19 the power of the cross is revealed.  Through the cloud and darkness (Ps 97:2) of the cross, God preserves the lives of his saints (Ps 97:10).  And to those who trust him, he sows a seed of light in them (Ps 97:11).  Light represents power.  It is the power of revelation, understanding, life, strength, and hope.  Do you see that?  God desires that he sow the seed of light in you amid COVID-19.  God desires that you abandon your worldly goals for your children, and your evasion of your glorious calling as fathers and mothers, and have the light in your heart to believe in God’s promises for your family so much that you begin to share your hope with your children, to take time to read and share the stories of Christ in Scripture and in your lives.  The light that God is sowing in your heart is an evidence that God is powerful and that God is good!  May the Lord cause your hearts to rejoice in the Lord!

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