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Rand Cho

Online International Program Director & Geometry Teacher

Rand has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Computing.  He also obtained a Professional I.T. Support certification as well as a Python Specialization certification. Outside of his fascination with natural and artificial intelligence, Rand also earned a Master of Divinity degree out of his own pursuits in theology and faith. 
Rand's commitment to education extends beyond his own learning journey. He brings over two decades of experience as a pastor, providing spiritual guidance and support to his congregation through life's various challenges. Additionally, he has dedicated a decade to tutoring, helping individuals unlock their academic potential and achieve their goals.
At Veritas, Rand serves in a dual role. He holds the position of Online International Program Director, overseeing the program's global initiatives and ensuring its success. Simultaneously, he takes on the role of a Geometry Teacher, imparting his knowledge and passion for mathematics to his students.
Rand's hobbies offer a glimpse into his diverse interests. He finds joy in indulging in comic book movies, immersing himself in the world of superheroes and fantastical adventures. His enthusiasm extends to tabletop role-playing games, where he enjoys creating and participating in intricate narratives. For a bit of competitive fun, he engages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate battles, showcasing his gaming skills. Lastly, he explores his creative side through film making, using the medium to express his ideas and imagination.

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