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Spenser Wagner

5th Grade Teacher

Spenser Wagner graduated in 2021 from Biola University with a degree in Psychology. Additionally, he completed Torrey Honors College, a Great Books Honors College. During college, Mr. Wagner worked for 4 years for the Decision Point(formerly National School Project). Decision Point is a ministry that trains and supports High School Christian Club leaders to spread the gospel at their schools. Through this work, Mr. Wagner developed a love for training the next generation of Christian students. This, plus his Torrey experience, brought him to wanting to teach at a Classical Christian School. Mr. Wagner deeply believes that a Classical Christian education will raise the hearts and minds of students to glimpse the glory of God. He trusts that Classical education is the best path in instructing the next generation to walk in the way of the Lord. Mr. Wagner is starting his second year of teaching 5th grade at Veritas. He is also passionate about Physical Education and wants the students at the school to be as physically literate as they are academically. He also is leading a Board Game club to sharpen the strategic minds of the students.

Mr. Wagner spends his evenings, reading, baking, or playing Ultimate Frisbee. Luke 19:10, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost,” has been Mr. Wagner’s favorite verse for the last 5 years. He believes that it captures the simplicity of redemption in the Gospel while illuminating the deep love of Jesus Christ.

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