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Dr. Jesse Gentile

Humanities Director

Dr. Jesse Gentile completed his B.S. in Social Science education at the University of South Florida. He then attended Dallas Theological Seminary and completed an MA in Biblical Studies. While there he taught both public school and private Christian school. After marrying Ella in 2002 they attended Florida State University together. She completed a JD in law and he completed an MS in Instructional Design. After a decade of nonprofit and itinerant Bible teaching throughout the southeast/USA they moved to California in 2013. Jesse completed an MA in philosophy at Biola. Jesse was awarded a John Templteton Fellowship that covered his PhD in theology at Fuller Seminary (completed 2023). His research focused on knowing reality in different disciplines and how  critical realists in theology could be helped by the emerging movement known as Analytic Theology. From 2022-23 Jesse was the director of Veritas's Online International Program. Starting in 2023-24 he is the director of humanities at the local campus, teaching Bible, Philosophy, Logic, and Church history. Jesse loves classical education's use of latin and its rich emphasis on classical texts. Jesse continues to preach and pastor regularly at evangelical churches in his network. His hobbies include web-design, philosophical theology, and manual DIY jobs (e.g., electrical and plumbing work). His favorite Bible verse is John 17:3. 

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