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Our History

The history of Veritas is filled with God’s goodness and mercy.  In eight years since its founding in 2012, Veritas has developed into a tight community of families that desire to raise their children through a Christ-centered, classical education.

It began with God preparing Dr. Kim for a career in classical education, training him deeply in theology, philosophy, literature, and languages, and by training him as an educator and an administrator at a seminary, as well as a homeschooling parent. The turning point came when Dr. Kim came across Douglas Wilson’s book, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, and his heart and mind was set on fire to start a classical school. 

With a firm conviction in Matthew 6:33 and nothing else—no money, no people, no facility, Dr. Kim prepared and researched into classical education for several more years. Then, in the summer of 2012, Dr. Kim’s family and two other families began to call upon the Lord: “Lord, let us be faithful to your calling in raising our children in the ways of the Lord.” The result was astounding. They prayed for ten students; God provided more than thirty students, and wonderful families and teachers. But, there was no facility, until two weeks before the opening day, God provided a church facility in Brea without charge!

One year later, in the Fall of 2013, Veritas moved to Yorba Linda at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, located on a hill with a beautiful view. Veritas expanded from a hybrid-model to a full-time school with a hybrid option, and from K-8 to K-11 in its third year! 

Then, two years later, in the Fall of 2015, Veritas moved to its current location in Fullerton at Branches Church (formerly Temple Baptist). Over the course of two months, many families transformed the dilapidated rooms into beautiful classrooms. Centrally located, families come from near and far from all directions.

At this location, Veritas became fully accredited with WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), hired excellent teachers and trained them through the ACCS and SCL conferences, added new programs (e.g. Directed Studies, AP, International Students, High School Italy Trip), and expanded its extracurricular programs (Rhetoric school mock trial, Logic school debates, robotics, basketball for all ages, secondary volleyball, ballet, yearbook/journalism, art, and band).

During this time, Veritas also developed an art program using the classical approach, and a music program using the Kodaly method, and continued to develop the annual drama productions for all ages. But the real growth of Veritas is in its people—teachers, students, and parents. Even during many ups and downs of a young school, children grew up like trees planted by the streams of water, in the fertile soil of love, prayer, God’s Word, and Christ-centered worldview.

Parents grew with the children. Through required Parent Practicums, parents grew in their understanding of classical education and parenting. Mothers gather weekly to pray and study a book together. Also, through Parent Teacher Fellowship, mothers support the students and the school through fundraisers, hot lunches, and other activities. Several fathers are also involved in various capacities in supporting the school.  In short, heartbeat of the school is the rich spiritual fellowship that exists among the parents, faculty, and staff. 

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