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John Kim

5th & 6th Grade Latin Teacher / 7th Logic Teacher

Mr. John Kim has taught at Veritas Classical Academy for 2 years, with one year online before teaching on campus 2022-23. He graduated from New Saint Andrews College, Moscow, ID with a BA in Liberal Arts and Culture in 2020. Mr. Kim happens to be one of the first students to graduate from Veritas in 2016. On campus, he currently teaches Latin to 5th and 6th grade and Logic to 7th grade. Online for our OIP program, he teaches 9th/10th grade Euro History and 11th/12th Great Ideas (Theology/Philosophy/Political Philosophy). He loves Classical Education for the intentional part it plays within Christian Sanctification as well as the opportunity it naturally holds for the discipleship of students. Whenever he finds time, Mr. Kim loves swing dancing, reading books with friends, and cooking. A Bible verse close to his heart comes from Luke 12:48 : “omni cui multum datum est multum quaeretur ab eo / Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required.”

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