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John Warner

Bible Hermeneutics Teacher

Hello, I'm John Warner, a passionate Teacher of Humanities with the Office of International Programs at Veritas Classical Academy. I have over 10 years of experience in higher education, including a Master's in Philosophy of Religion & Philosophical Theology from Yale Divinity School and a Master’s in Biblical Studies from the University of South Florida. My B.A. is in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of South Florida. My teaching journey began as a Sunday School teacher and later as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, where I instructed university students in the history and overview of major world religions. Currently, I teach Hermeneutics and Rhetoric, utilizing Socratic dialogue to foster critical thinking and discovery rooted in God's Word.
I find great meaning and joy in enriching students' lives by engaging them in reflection on
profound topics. It is my aim to equip them with knowledge and encourage its application for the betterment of others and themselves, all to the glory of God.
Beyond teaching, I enjoy personal study of God's Word, homesteading, and exploring nature through hiking, backpacking, and camping. I am honored to contribute to our school's Christian Classical education environment, embarking on a shared journey of knowledge, faith, and wonder.

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