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Steve Maus

Algebra II Teacher

Mr. Steve Maus has taught at Veritas Classical Academy for one year.  He graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1987 with a BS in Astronautical Engineering and Webster University in 2005 with an MA in Computer Resources and Information Management.  Mr. Maus has been a teacher for decades, first as a flight instructor in the US Air Force and for the last 12 years as a classical education K-12 teacher in various online and in-person schools.  He was an Air Force helicopter pilot for 22 years and has been many places throughout the world in North America, Europe, Central America, SW Asia and SE Asia.  He has also worked in the software and customer support business for Texas Instruments, Lockheed Martin, Amazon and currently ClassReach school software.  Mr. Maus teaches mathematics for Veritas.  He is an advocate of biblical classical education because it helps students learn to think rightly and consistent with God’s word.  He and his wife Amy have 5 birth children and 13 adopted children, most of whom are grown up, and reside north of Spokane Washington on their family’s Autumn Creek Ranch.  His favorite bible verse is Micah 6:8: “…do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God”

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