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Creating a Paideia Culture

Dear Veritas Families,

Peace and grace in Christ! I hope you were able to spend some meaningful times with your children over the summer. Alas, it is coming to an end. But it is not too bad, because we are looking forward to an exciting new year of school! As our teachers spent the last two weeks training and preparing for the school, we could all feel the energy in the air.

For the grammar school, new teachers with new energies, fueled with wisdom of the old teachers and special trainings, all under the leadership of a new grammar school principal are creating new hopes and a new era of grammar school development. For the secondary, we feel a sense of deepening of the collected wisdom, as the existing teachers collaborate with one another more than ever before and expanding part-time teachers to either full-time or almost full-time positions. Added to this growth on the academic side is our fine arts program. For the first time in our school, we will have two music teachers, one for the primary, and another for upper primary and the secondary, and two music classes every week. And we will continue to build our art program with Mrs. Maria Hemmerling. Teachers have also worked hard to make their rooms more aesthetically more pleasing. Finally, we will be launching a capital campaign to find a bigger, better, and a more beautiful campus.

All these efforts are part of Veritas’ goal to Create a Paideia Culture, this year and beyond. This is essentially Veritas’ vision to create a Comprehensively Christ-Centered Community and Culture. There are specifically three impetus behind this. 1) recovery from covid cancel culture, 2) veritas’ vision statement, 3) a study of the latest book on classical education, Liberal Arts Tradition, which lays out the comprehensive vision behind classical, Christian education. You can either read the book yourself or join Dr. Kim’s coffee for a detailed explanation. But most importantly, we know that God is behind this movement to restore the Paideia of the Lord!

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