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How to Use the Summer After the Pandemic

Veritas Families and Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summer with your children. I hope your children had a little bit of good break from school. But as always, this summer is a double-edged sword. After a year and a half of pandemic, this summer is going to be crucial in transitioning back into a normal rhythm of life for our children, as well as for adults. Students, and teachers, are generally tired, especially from online education. Our school was fortunate to have most of our education in person. But all the masking, plexglassing, and social distancing has taken a toll on all of us. We need rest. Yet at the same time, we cannot languish. Children these days are especially addicted to games, social media, and other proliferating forms of media. So, we need a strategy to use this summer well.

To make a good transition, I would like to recommend some general principles, and a couple of specific suggestions.

First and foremost, children need to get their wiggles out. We all need to just get out more. Not to shopping malls, but to parks, beaches, and mountains.

Second, we need to build community. Isolation breeds division and doubt. We need to get together as much as possible, in small groups to restore fellowship, vision, accountability, and love.

Third, we need to foster genuine leisure, which is a dedicated time of contemplating and enjoying the truth, goodness, and beauty of God, especially with our family members or small groups.

Fourth, it is a high time for family discipleship. More than ever before, truth is under attack in America. Critical Race Theory along with gender identity politics is invading every level of our society. Ultimately, our very identity and goal in life as Christians are at stake. And nothing is more effective than parents taking the time to disciple their children with the truth of God’s Word.

On a practical level, I have several suggestions.

Watch 20-30 minutes of The Chosen (available for purchase on Amazon or stream on Youtube), the series on the life of Jesus, and have a 10 minute discussion with your family, daily or a few times a week.

Read with your children the school recommended (for primary) or required (for secondary) book for your children. At least have your children summarize to your what they are learning, and have a dinner discussion on it.

Get together with your church small group, or form small groups within Veritas community for meaningful discussions around a book, to share and develop accountability. I and the Grammar School Principal will be available throughout the summer to facilitate meetings, upon request. Connect with other Veritas families to take your children out to parks, museums, movies, or just to hang out. Kids are starving for connection and God’s presence.

Also, don’t forget to attend the free (for the first time) portion of the ACCS conference for parents this Thursday from 11 AM-7 PM. You will be inspired, informed, and encouraged by great speakers! If you really want to know the heart and soul of classical, Christian education, you will want to not miss this opportunity.

Have a great summer!

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