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We Praise the Lord for His Goodness Throughout the Year! - May 29th, 2020

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Dear Veritas Parents,

Once again, we praise the Lord for his goodness throughout the year!

As I participated in the Primary and Secondary Promotions this week, I was overwhelmed at the ways God blessed each and every student. Just in case you did not attend, please watch the recording of those promotions through the link provided in this newsletter.

As so many parents have commented in the past, everyone is blessed when each teacher explains what specific character trait each student has grown in. It is a short summary, but since we are like a big family, we can all understand and agree exactly what the teacher is describing and celebrate God’s perfect blessing to each child.

This year, I was particularly moved and awestruck by the speeches made by the 6th graders and 8th graders. Every student spoke with such conviction and grace, that we were deeply moved. We could tell that their minds and hearts have been transformed throughout the year, by the work of the Holy Spirit, and by the love poured into their lives by parents and teachers. I was so moved by these speeches, that I shared with everyone that these students, who had the advantage of starting classical education earlier than the previous graduates, will take the classical education to the next level at Veritas. Once again, it renewed my hope in the power of a comprehensively Christ-centered, classical education.

Veritas is still young, this is our 8th year.  Only 5 years since we have been a 5-days/week school.  And there are many small challenges due to the small size and resources of our school.  But listening to testimony of these students and teachers during the promotion once again affirmed my conviction, that everything is secondary to our focus on Christ in every aspect of education.  Christ is sufficient for all the needs of the parents, teachers, and students.    

Compared with last year, Veritas has grown leaps and bounds in every aspect: administratively, academically, in the unity and quality of our faculty, curriculum development, and in our community.  And I am convinced that the “secret sauce” in all these growth is our focus on Christ.  We can analyze our growth and our potential growth in various terms, but it is our intentional focus on Christ which is the fountainhead of our actual growth.  When people say that they love Veritas’ community, it is a community that is continually being built around our bond to Christ.  When people say that they love Veritas’ academic training, it is the Christ-centered integration of all subjects that build up children’s sharp discernment and moral imagination.  When people say that they love Veritas’ teachers, it is their personal commitment to Christ that enables them to lead each student to Christ.

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