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Watching "The Miseducation in America" Documentary at Veritas U

Dear Veritas Parents,

Grace and peace in Jesus Christ our Lord. Next Thursday (April 7th 6:30 – 8:00 PM) night is our “Veritas U” Night. It is one of the four required parent practicums at Veritas. Typically, we offer a few elective seminars that parents can choose from. But instead, we will meet in person at school to watch and discuss the screening of the recently made highly acclaimed documentary titled “The Mis-Education of America” by Fox Nation, the subscription video service of the Fox News Network.

This engaging and lively documentary provides a clear historical analysis of how classical Christian education (“Western Christian Paideia”) was developed, hijacked by the extreme Left, and is now permeating through every aspect of our culture, and how classical Christian education can effectively restore the Christian Paideia back. I watched all 5 episodes and feel that all our parents and all our secondary students should watch it to understand the roots of classical, Christian education, and why it is needed more than ever before. This documentary will help us to understand the real dangers behind the CRT and socialist movement that is raging around us, and how we can take captive this thought and become obedient to Christ.

The host of this highly acclaimed documentary is one of the familiar faces in the Fox News, Pete Hegseth, who sends his children to one of the classical Christian schools. One of the key guests interviewed is David Goodwin, the president of the ACCS (Association of Classical and Christian Schools), of which Veritas Classical Academy is a member.

This documentary is accessible by subscription on Fox Nation, but since it is fast paced and packed with well-researched information and analysis, I feel that a good discussion led by a Veritas administrator will be fruitful. To this end, we are holding an in-person screening on campus. Since chapel does not have an adequate video projection equipment, we will divide into two groups, one for the primary, and one for the secondary, which also makes it for a better discussion. We will watch only the first two sessions (each about 30 minutes), with a 15-minute discussion after each session. This required practicum will be followed by two optional Saturday morning sessions to watch and discuss the rest of the documentary.

Although only one of the parents are required to attend, I highly encourage both parents to attend. Refreshments will be provided. I look forward to a great night of education and discussion.

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